August 29, 2012

Card #2 from Stampin' Up! Class "A": "Hello"

It rained again this morning {8-28-12}, and although yesterday was a wet morning, I had the desire to water my yard in the early evening.  It just find it so peaceful, and relaxing while I'm watering the plants.  I found that it is also perfect to spend time with God.  I sing worship songs while doing so, and just find that during that time it's just nice to see the beauty of the Lord growing right before my eyes, and allowing me to appreciate every new sprout.  Here are a couple of pics of my yard at the early evening.... 

Look at the moon... not quiet full, just yet!!  Beautiful looking up to the sky at this time of the day... can't wait til' my swing is redone, and I can gaze into the moon when we are out here.

Here is my little patch of Aloe plants... I plan on separating them, and putting them into pots.  Because I lacked in watering them for many months, there was a dry patch right in the middle... almost looks like a fire had started, but it simply was Aloe rotting!  Sad!!  Anyways, my gf, Barb, gave me the idea to put them into pots.  Place them around my yard... and even give them to family and friends.  Great idea, Barb!!!  Check out that Aloe flower just growing straight up!!  Love it!! 

And lookie who I found holding on to one of the Aloe plant?? This fella is a cutie.  I think it could be just the angle of how the pic was taken, because if it is a dark colored chameleon, then I don't think they are as cute as the green ones.  Ali-girl says that the green ones are hardly ever found now, and that the dark skinned, dinosaur looking ones are dominating.... waaaaah!!  These look scarier, and not ones that I would enjoy catching.  Miss those green ones.  I thought they were just dark skinned because they were changing their color to be camouflage.  :0/

Well I have been waking up early, I have to... I need to.  The boys will be going back to school next Tuesday, and I need to re-acclimate my time schedule to their school schedule.  Will need to have time in the morning alone before they get up, so that I can spend time with the Lord.  I spend time with the Lord throughout the day, but I want to have that quiet time alone, so that I can gather my thoughts, and plan for an eventful day.  Praising God for His blessings, and just praying that He will guide me, and that I will not be strayed by the enemy.  I also need to get up earlier because I need to prep my hubby's lunches and snacks.  He has been neglecting his meals, and now his health is in trouble.  Doc says that he needs to eat more snacks during the day, so that his metabolism starts up, and of course these snacks need to be healthy.  It's kinda good that I have been eating a healthier menu, since joining RealW8, but I must admit, I slack every now and then.  Hawaii has such YUMMY food, that I can hardly resist.  Well, I've learned... just eat enough portion to where I have eaten enough.  Here, we are so compelled to eat everything off of our plate, because of how we were raised.  Parents always reminding me that there are starving children in Africa, and that I would be ungrateful if I don't eat all of my food.  Well... I need to set a part.  Remind myself that I was a skinny-beany back then, and my mom just wanted to make sure that I would be eating, and eating well.  I remember them calling me a "bird".  Hah!  I ain't no "bird" now... at least not a flying one.  I feel more like a penguin!!  LOL!  Anyways, Hubby's health is on the rocks, he has to now take heart meds, and make sure that he is on them daily.  These are only trial meds, so we'll see where it goes.  I cut up some apples for him, bagged a bunch of grapes, and pistachio nuts (unshelled) for him this morning.  Here's a little trivia that I just found out (via Wikipedia)... the pistachio is one of two nuts mentioned in the Bible. The pistachio is mentioned only once, in Genesis 43:11, while the almond is mentioned many times. Very cool piece of history, huh??  Well, I didn't have enough time to make my hubs any lunch, because he was already in a hurry... it was 6 am, and he had a staff meeting that started at 6:15 am.  It was raining this morning... remember?  I'm thinking, oh-oh, don't speed and rush to work....  so I said, "don't worry, don't rush!".... hopefully those words stuck to him! Anyways, back to the apple that I cut for his snack.  I just purchased these apples yesterday, by the way.  The 1st apple that I cut open is MESSED up inside!!!   Here's a pic of it...

Yuck!!  I know... I know... take 'em back to the store, right?  I'm gonna cut open the other apples, and if they are all messed up, then I WILL take them to the store.  But if it is only this 1 apple, then I'm not gonna go. 

Ok, thanks for letting me share all of that with you.  Now to share another card that was part of my Stampin' Up! Class "A" class on Saturday. 

This was a pretty simple card to make.  The image and sentiment that I used are both Stampin' Up! digital images.  I wanted to show my stampin' sisters how easy it was to use a digital image, and how it could still be very creative.  I printed the image on to the DSP that I was featuring "Twitterpatted", and just love it's simplicity!!  The Rosette was created using the Stampin' Up! Rosette die cut.  Then applied to a 1" circle punch piece on the back, and then a button to finish it off.  This could pass for a masculine card.  I just love how easy it was, and how elegant it turned out to be.  I thought it would be a harder card to complete, but the ladies flew through this one, in a breeze!!!  

Well, the family and I are heading to Maui tomorrow.  So I will be pre-posting the other 2 cards, and hopefully I'll get a chance to get on and post a couple of pics while we are there on a mini-vacay!! I'm praying that our friend will keep an eye on my yard, and make sure it is watered, but if not, then praying that it'll rain here while we are gone, and the grass continues to grow rapidly!  :O)  

Thanks again for stopping by... have a blessed day!!