July 22, 2012

Product Review: Primo Water Dipenser Model #900116

We purchased a new machine for our household!! The previous one we had broke down after 7 years of being in service.  It started leaking.  At first, I thought it was the bottle, that it wasn't sealing correctly.  Took the bottle off, emptied out the water, and replaced the bottle thinking that I had a better seal on it. Nope... within a matter of minutes, the water started leaking out of the machine again.  So - out in went. 

I was in search of a water dispenser that stored the water bottle on the bottom of the machine.  Home Depot, and Best Buy didn't carry them.  Both I would have to order online to get them.  I didn't go to Lowe's.  Went to WalMart, and saw that they had this Primo Water Dispenser.  I thought about it for awhile, because it was still a top-load type.  For $171, the price wasn't bad.  So we got it. 

I love the sleekness in it's color, black n' silver.  Matches the other appliances in our kitchen.  My fridge and stove are black n' steel silver.  So I believe that this was the right one that I selected.  I love this machine!!  It has 3 different temperature selections: Hot, Room Temperature, Cold.  The Hot is super Hot, the Cold is Fridge Cold, and Room Temp is my fav!!  I drink my water at room temp, cause my teeth hurts when I drink water too cold!  The Hot is used for them cuddly rainy evenings, when we're cozying together and sipping Hot Chocolate.  Oh Yum... 

The flow of the water is a plus for me too.  It flows very quickly, and a lot of water is dispensed at this time.  I seriously believe that we will probably be using up a lot more water than we did before, just cause it seems like the bottle is emptying much quicker.  I also like that it is dispensing quickly, because when the hubs is having one of his reflux moments, and there is not water besides him, oh gosh, that quick water flow really makes a difference in wait time.

There is a nightlight!!  :)  Not really useful for me, since I'm already used to turning on the lights when I need to go into the kitchen.  Hubs says that he wishes that this light was bigger and brighter so that he can see how filled his cup is.  From where I am standing I can see it, but he's a foot taller, so maybe that makes a difference?

Speaking of height... this is the only negative thing that I could think of about this machine.  The tray where you place your cup is at my knee level.  The buttons to push are perfect, but strange because I feel the urge to squat while filing my water bottle or cup.  However, on the tray, there are 3 circles, perfectly lined up with where the water is dispensing.  I have been using this as a guide as to where I should put my bottle/cup and then dispense away.  So that's been working for me.  But for someone as tall as the Hubs, I guess for him would be harder to see, if he is half awake and can't see how quick his cup is filling right? 

A plastic came with it that hooked on to the machine, and I screwed it on to the wall, so that the machine would've topple over, and fall on someone... especially the little one.  I am so paras about that. So what a relief it was to see that this machine had it.  Being that this is literally a "top heavy" machine, and with the energy level of my lil' one, I totally can see it falling on him!!!

I am pretty happy with this machine.  It has been about 2 weeks since we've had it.  I've read reviews about their machines leaking, but that was only from 1 person.  Everyone else out there is happy with their machine, and like how it's working for them. 

Would I suggest this to anyone else? Absolutely.

Have a blessed day!  Aloha... Jen