July 10, 2012

Daily Photo - Nails!!!

Hello My Friends!!

Went to my Nail Doctor and got my cures.... a "Pedicure" and "Manicure" was well overdue!!    My nails were over grown and it was just TIME for a fill and massaging of my legs.  The last time I went was several months ago.  I can't believe I've waited this long.  But sometimes, you cannot help it.  Stuffs like that don't take priorities in your life when you are a mommy... you just have to skip the treatment, and hold off for later.  Well, I knew it was time to go, because even my hubby was complaining.  You see, not cause he couldn't stand the site of the overgrown nails, but rather, they weren't functioning the right way when I scratched his back!  LOL... poor fella had to experience some "teasing" of the nails.  And if you have a man like I do, he don't like back scratching that "teases"... hahaha!!!  Anyways, the last time I did my nails, I took pics of what Lena did step by step, and thought I'd share it with you, my readers.... and here's how the process is pretty much done:

1 - New Claws
2 - Cut Down
3 - Apply Colored Gel
4 - Set Gel with UV Light
5 - Completed Nails ♥

Here is how my nails look after today's treatment....

Can't wash the dishes for a couple of days... so time to go craft something right??  NOT!!!  :)  A mother's work is never done!!  EVEN IF she just got her nails done...

May The Lord Bless U Today!