July 12, 2012

Let's Get Cuttin'...

Howdy peeps!!!  How is everyone doing??  I feel like I am in a whirlwind, and I mean whirlwind of THINGS!!!  All kine things....  and it's SUMMER TIME!!!  What is going on??  Well, yesterday, I had my monthly TMJ appointment, and I forgot to bring my mouthpiece.  Grrrr... and I really needed to bring it in to give to my doctor to adjust, because a part of it is hurting my mouth.  Now, I have to schedule a time to go back in and have it adjusted, and although it'll only take 5 minutes to fix, it's about having to drive into town.  I guess I will just have to plan to head to Ala Moana afterwards and make my trip into town worth while.  Me n' the boys could probably cruise there for the morning, or something.  I was able to deliver some orders and catalogs to SU! customers as well. So it was nice to see those that I delivered to.

My older boy started Volleyball practice, and the younger one has 1 week left of Baseball. Not crossing schedules, but just feels like I have less time during the day to do stuffs.  The little one has a loose tooth that is not ready to come out, but I was going to try and pull it.  He was scared, and I myself was pretty chicken to do it.  Hahaha...  after carefully examing the tooth, I have determined that it isn't ready for pulling, just yet.  He'll have to jiggle it a few more times before it is actually ready for a real pulling.  Phew... saved!!
I have receive my recent order of Stampin' Up! products, which are pre-ordered products from the upcoming Holiday Mini catalog.  Ummmmmm... the box sits by my foot, unopened!!  I have other things that I have to do prior to opening that box.  Like making a sample birthday invitation "Safari Passport" style.  My niece's friend would like to order 130 of them!  Phew!!!  WHIRLWIND!!!  Of course, not to mention the dishes, the laundry, the this and the that ....  argh!!!  Ok...  crazy!!

Anyways, today's challenge to myself is called "Let's Get Cuttin'"... simply to use my die cutting machines and creating something, anything with them.  Here are the projects I created.  I purchased these pretty pencil holders from WalMart, and knew that I'd like to decorate it someway or another, and give as a gift to someone.  Last week, I had lunch with my 2 girlfriends, Wini n' Irene... yes, I would be sharing a picture right now, but they are both camera shy.  :o*  Actually, I kinda gave up with the taking pics of my friends... lol... the memories are embedded in my mind.  Although my memory isn't all that great, I know I had a great time because I want to hang out with them again.  :)  Anyways, Wini nor Irene don't want their photos splattered all over the WWW, so I did us a favor and left the camera home.  :)  We had lunch at Empress, and ate Dim Sum.  Irene let Wini and I pick the selections, and we just had a great time catching up.  It has been about a year since I last saw Irene.... or at least it feels like it, and 3 months for Wini n' I.  Irene got and earfull.

I used self-adhesive vinyls on these plastic holders.  The flowers are from Accent Essential cartridge.  Their names were cut using the SCAL.  I forget which font this is, but isn't it purdy???  Wini n' Irene were both happy to receive a gift from me.  I made it 15 minutes before I left the house to meet them.  The Lord is GOOD, isn't HE???  Praise God!!!

Anyways, if you wanna join me in this challenge, please add your link to the inLinkz section below. 

Thanks for listening... Aloha, Jen

"For I hope in You, O Lord; You will answer, O Lord my God." ~Psalm 38:15~