July 24, 2012

Leonard's Bakery in Wamalu Shuts Down

For all my locals of Oahu... I don't know if you know by now that the Leonard's Bakery in Waimalu has shut down. :( I LOVED this place. But mostly because it was so near and convenient to where I live. Oh well. There is a Malasada Mobile at the shopping mall over in the next city, not too far from here. The Hubs don't like these sugary donuts. He don't like the smell, taste or the look of it. I on the other hand hold on to cherished memories of it. As a young 4 year old lil' girl, my grand-uncle would take me to get a malasada and chocolate milk every Saturday morning that I would sleep over their house. My grand-uncle didn't live pass my 7th birthday, and he was the closest uncle I had, and one that was always full of love, energy and happiness, even when he was drunk. So no matter how far this place is, I will always find a way to get me some, just so I can sink my teeth into them, and capture a piece of my memory, even if it is just a "feeling".