July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July....

Happy 4th of July!!!  So what have you got plans for today??  While celebrating our independence as a country, please remember to take a moment to pray for those that have fought for our country, and helped to keep it free, and an independent one.  That they are the reason we have our freedom of speech, religion and all that stuff.  I am giving Thanks to the Lord that He has placed my family and I, and each of you that is in this country. :)  May you all have a blessed day!!!

Last night, during dinner, my lil' one had a relapse of his stomach illness.  Poor thing.  Fever came back, and he just suddenly felt so fatigued! At dinner, he fell asleep right there, in my lap, and I ate my meal with his head in my lap, and food being passed over him.  I totally know how he felt, I remember having those really sick moments as a kid too.  :O(  We got home, and my hubs placed him on the bed, and he slept thru the night. 

Today, I'm gonna share with you 2 projects my lil' one made for his school report.  Using toilet paper and an empty Pringle's container, he made a grasshopper and a locust.  Here's how they turned out:

For the head, we cut out a piece of the egg carton's cup, painted it green and added to the body of the grasshopper.  I drew in it's eyes.

 Here is the Locust, made with the Pringle's empty chip container.  :)

So what do ya think??