July 26, 2012

Daily Challenge: Let's Get Cutting - FREE "Tangled" SVGs

Aloha and Welcome! It's "Let's Get Cuttin'" day for me, here on POM! I'm so proud of myself to put out these challenges, so I can work on my things without worrying that I just purchased them to collect dust.  Hah!  Sometimes, I just don't know when I can get a chance to play with them, though.  So every moment that I get a chance, I am blessed and Thankful to God for this opportunity. 

These cuts were requested by my gf's daughter.  She wanted to have some "Tangled" cuts for her daughter's birthday party.  I did a search on Google, because there isn't any Cricut Carts out with these characters (just yet - or maybe never). But Thank God, I was able to find me a page that offered some FREE SVG's of this movie!  I was so thrilled!! You can find these cuts and more at Jen's page here. Here is a pic of the SVG's she has for FREE for this movie:

You see there are a bunch of them.....  here are the SVGs I cut out on my Cricut, using SCAL version 2.  Most of these were pretty easy to piece together.  I was very pleased with the outcome of each cut!

Have a blessed day!!