June 8, 2012

"ConGRADulations!" Clear Dollar Stamps Digi Image - NEWLY Released!!!

Hey All!!  Well, Summer has officially started today in our household... well, it actually started yesterday @ noon, when the boys were picked up from school.  They had a graduation ceremony for the Kindergarteners yesterday, always so cute to watch the lil' ones be in the spotlight for the day, and to share what they've learned throughout the year with songs and dances.  Each class (1-6th graders), would present the K's with something that of a gift.  Usually a candy lei, and then a scripture from the bible.  Awesome to see them all growing up so quickly!!!  

Today's card is a graduation card, one perfect for this time of year, right??  I made it for my gf's daughter.  She is also a Sister in Christ, and we are close with their family, so we wanted to congratulate her for graduating from middle school, and now entering high school.  Praising the Lord for the accomplishments of all of our children this year...  

I wanted to share 2 photos of the project I am sharing today.  This 1st one is of my card without the embellishments.  I thought it would be neat to show how it would look like without all the embellishments or embossing of a project, and how very cool it turns out to be after all the little details are added.  It does look like a simple n' sweet card without all the embelly's, but once they are added, the project just comes to life... here is photo #1:

and here is photo #2....  I've embossed the card, and the black layer with embossing folders, and then added gold cord to my project.  I usually do cute ribbons, but gold cord seemed more appropriate for this type of project. I've also added some buttons, because buttons are just "CUTE", and I always wanna add in some kinda cuteness to my projects. The image is a digital image from Clear Dollar Stamps called, "ConGrads", it comes in a set of 11 digital stamps, for ONLY $2.50 for the ENTIRE set!!!  You can't go wrong there...  everywhere else, I am seeing that just 1 digital is $2.50 and NOT an entire set of 11 images!!!  Be sure to check it out, because this is such an awesome deal, right?? 

Well, I pray that your weekend goes well...  I am still working on those graduation leis, gotta get them out by next week on the 11th of June.  So this weekend, I will be working on those diligently! I only completed 1 so far, and then had to put on hold, for a bit.  I have a bday party tomorrow for TWIN boys, so gotta work on bday cards for them.  Well, you all stay healthy, and have a blessed time doing whatever it is that the Lord leads you to do!!!