May 30, 2012

Thank You Cards

Aloha All... so summer is right around the corner for the kids and I.  It looks like another busy summer, with the kids wanting to go to the beach and other "out of the house" activities, and then keeping up with the house chores, and dining.  I already know that it'll be fun, but tiring.  Looking forward to it. I hope I will be able to continue to blog and create.  Maybe I will have to make other arrangements, like staying up later than I have been lately. 

Well, here are 3 projects I have today.  All "Thank U" cards.  This was part of a card order that I did for one of my gf's last year.  This weekend the same gf is having her baby shower.  I am helping the host to make scrapbook page kits for her guests.  I have completed only 1 page kit.  I have to get on it, right?? 

This morning I woke up feeling a little dizzy, but not really sure what I was feeling, so I will call it "strange".  I thought that perhaps I didn't drink enough water as I have been recently, which is about 4Ls per day.  Yesterday, I only drank 1L.  So, I chugged down 1L this morning, and felt a little better.  I will have make an attempt to intake more water today. What a difference a day makes when you don't have that much water in your system. 

Well, time to start my day.  May you have a blessed one!!  Oh and "THANKS" for stopping by!!! 

Aloha, Jen