May 16, 2012

Head Bands for Infants n' Toddlers - Doodling In Other Crafts

Ugh.... this morning, I woke up feeling dizzy with vertigo!  Vertigo comes n' goes in my life.  It usually comes when I am coming down with a cold or flu.  I haven't been getting sick lately, because I have been diligently taking my vitamins...  well, that was until 2 months ago.  :O(  I have to start taking my vitamins again!!  Well, please keep me in prayer, and that this vertigo does NOT last the entire day!  I wonder if it is also triggered by something I've eaten.  I had a lobster last night, and I notice that I have been feeling kinda weird recently whenever I've eaten shrimp.  Gonna drink lots of water to wash it out, and see how that goes.

Yesterday, my oldest boy turned 16!!!  I can't believe how fast he has grown, and to what a fine young gentleman he is.  I am mostly proud that he is growing and walking with the Lord. He loves Jesus, and he just has an awesome heart for all those around him.  I still remember how chunky he was as a baby... now a 16 year old!  He's taller than me, even with my heels on.  He scored straight A's in the last quarter, and is very well mannered! (And I'm NOT just saying this cause he's mine!!).  He does his own laundry, cooks rice (well, he's been cooking since 10!), and does his chores when told to do so (with some stomping n' grumbling).  But he knows what role he plays in our family, and he plays it quite well.  I'm just so grateful that the Lord has chosen me to be his mommy!!  This is an absolute blessing indeed!! Another person celebrating their birthday is my mom!!  Today is her birthday!!  She's on vacation right now, so I am sure she is celebrating her day with lots of fun!!  :) 

Well, today's project that I am sharing with you isn't a paper craft!  It's actually something that my one of my girlfriend's kept asking me to do... creating adorable headbands for lil' infants to toddler age.  I wanted to make some, and they turned out so cute and easy to make.  I wanna get in a bunch of headbands, and hair clips, but haven't had the chance to look up the info just yet.  But here are the ones that I made so far.... and my lil' infant model is my girlfriend's daughter, wearing one of the headbands that I made.  :) 

What a sweetie, huh??  Well, I off to drink my water, and wash this thing out of my system, if there is really anything that is causing me to feel this way.  Both of my kids are sick, and I think they are both staying home, so we've got an entire household of sickies...  Praise God for my hubby who didn't get it.  Hope you're having a blessed day wherever you are!!!