May 11, 2012

Exciting News and Craft Purchases...

Hey all!!  Oh, first off, Happy Aloha Friday!!!  Ok... so I'm so excited to share some awesome news with you!!  I was personally asked to join the digital design team of Clear Dollar Stamps!!!  Oh my!!  I am beyond ecstatic!  I am sooo looking forward in working with all cute and beautiful digital images that this company carries!!  I am especially stoked because this is a Christian based company.  For the LORD, people!!  For the LORD!!!!  The Lord has opened this door for me, and what a blessing it is indeed, and in such a timely manner!!  Oh gosh...  God is so amazing isn't HE??  I am just so thankful that HE has given me this opportunity to share HIS WORD, using the talents that HE has blessed me with.  Thank U, Jesus!!!!  Just as the photo above states... "God never shuts one door without opening another"...  take comfort in knowing that the Lord has GREAT plans for you, and HIS purpose is always GOOD!!!!

I am so exciting to be a part of this team... gonna work on some projects this weekend...
Now to share the goodies I purchased yesterday. Yesterday, I hung out with one of my favorite stamping sisters, Ms. Wini... we hit up 2 shops.  Photo Craft, which I purchased these bunch of flowers from, was the 1st that we visited.  Brian's got some new bigger flowers which I thought would be perfect for the hair clips that I have been making.  Well, I only made a few... I need to get on the ball and make more!!  I saw my girlfriend, Berenice make these CUTE hair clips, and it makes me wanna make MORE!  LOL...  Thanks sister, for the inspiration!!  Check out these flowers... so love them.... if you are NOT on the island of Oahu, you can also purchase these yummies from All Natural Accents.  Brian is closing down shop, and will be re-structuring his business.  Moving into the mainstream of "online" business, and I will be helping him out in any way that I can.  It'll be fun...  another opportunity!!  Awesome right??? 

The 2nd shop we stopped at was at J's Knicknacks.  The owner there is a Brother in Christ.  I so love visiting with him, cause we get to talk stories, and share our love for Jesus!  You know, I never knew LOVE, until I knew the LORD!!!  Before, I used to think that Christians were a bunch of foosies, that was so "mushy" about LOVE.  But I understand now.. it's because of what He's done for us, that we can rejoice by having this love for one another.  Anyways, Clif is super cool!!  If you have FACEBOOK, and you "check in" while being at his shop, you can use a 40% discount on 1 item in his store.  This is a plus!!!  So of course, I purchased the most expensive item that I know I will definitely use, which is an eClips cartridge.  :)

See all the La-La Land stamps I've bought.  Yea... I finally gave in to them.  LOL!!  Well, I gotta get these inked up.  I still have a bunch of stamps and items that weren't even inked up yet, since the last stamping trip.  Grrrrr!!!  Wanna do most creating and less purchasing (no, really... I do!!!). So I am going to set a 6 months FREEZE on shopping for stamps n' supplies.  Hee hee...  Oh Please, Lord!!  Help me through THIS one!!  Ok...  It's May right now... come November, I will NOT have purchased any NEW stamps.  OK??  Ok... thank U!

Now to get to work on the ones I have!!  Have a blessed Aloha Friday...  working on new projects, means more blog postings.....  yay!

Much Hugs,