March 19, 2012

Stampin' Up! Thank U....

I've seen this card design all over the web.  Thought I could come up with something of my own... but didn't.  Fail.  LOL... oh well... it is a little different with the button added.  But other than that, I pretty much CASED it from wherever you saw it!  :O) 

The flower on the stop was stamped on another piece of cardstock (same color), then cut out, placed on my mouse pad, then using the nub on my embossing pen I just rubbed till the cardstock started bending.  I learned this technique from my girlfriend Wini.  Thanks for sharing, love!!  It's a great way to add dimension to your projects.  I love the doily stamp, and seeing more of it makes me wanna get the smaller set of smaller doilies.  Hmmm... that's next on my list. 

I am excited that tomorrow we will be doing an outreach to the homeless at Waimanalo!  Please keep us in prayer... that the weather will hold out, and that we will all be healthy for this outreach.  Pray that the Lord's blessings are upon each of us, and that hearts and ears are open to HIS Word.  Thank U in advance!!  God Bless!!!

Have a blessed week in the Lord, and remember to SMILE cause Jesus Love You!!