March 13, 2012

No Sentiment Masculine Greeting Farm Card for my BIL....

Hi There!  So how is your week going??  My boo is sick again, scratch that, he has been sick off an on this past 3 weeks.  It's crazy.  Well, first, it was just his coughing, and I attributed it to the voggy weather (vog is smoke n' fog mixed - this is from the ongoing volcanic activity that is happening on the Big Island, and the smoke from the volcano creates this Vog).  It lingers, and is very bad for our Hawaiian air.  That really sucks, because for those that have lung allergies, which is almost a majority for everyone here, it is a definite trigger.  My boy has been trying to fight his sickies off, and his cough has gotten worst, so I figure I need to get him seen by the doctor now.  So, that is what I did on Monday.  On top of that, I headed down to the cable company to exchange my modem, because I have been having issues!!  Grrrrr....  connectivity issues.  Normally, I wouldn't exchange it, but I have already ruled out all other options, and I have purchased the "faster" Turbo Internet plan, but have yet to "see" this Turboness in action.  I kept my boo home on Tuesday too.  He was a lot better by then, but I just wanted to have him stay home and rest another day.

Anyways, here is a card I made back in October of last year.  It was a card I made quickly for my BIL's birthday.  Ha!  I just had to whip this one up quickly, because like on most birthdays I'm always creating the cards so last minute!  Grrr.... I need to get with the program, and create them ahead of time.  Too much things to do...I wish I could craft all day {{as my hubby already thinks that is what I do}}... but there are other things that are "behind the scenes" that needs to be done.  Know what I'm talking about, ladies, right??   I remember being in such a hurry to create this card, that I totally spazzed on the sentiment.  Could've easily got a "Happy Birthday" stamp, but I think not only was I in a hurry, I was also lazy to take out my stamp and ink.  So, I was in a "Hurry Lazy" state of mind.  LOL!!!  Ever have one of those moments?  Geez... I have many of those.  At least I was able to get out my spellbinder, and big shot, and ran cardstock through.  Haha!!  I believe this image was an image I had colored awhile back, so I already had that ready. Which by the way, this image is an image from The Greeting Farm.  Adding buttons made it a lot cuter, don't ya think?

Well, I'm trying to pre-post some of my blog postings, and I'm working on some projects that has been ordered.  So gotta get going, cause there is so many things to do!!!

Thank You for stopping by and spending a part of your day with me.


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