March 10, 2012

Couple of Love Cards

Aloha Friends!!  Welcome back!!  Oh boy this week, it has been pouring rain like crazy.  Ok, I have to fill you in with all that has been happening!!  First off, we signed my youngest up for baseball, and at first, we weren't going to do it, because we didn't think that baseball practice and games would line up with us going to church.  But Praise God!! He has opened a door where my boy will be able to attend practice and games and still make it to church.  LOL!!  So we signed him up for baseball, and that 1st week that practice started, poor lil' guy, he had a cold.  He couldn't go to the 1st week of practice.  Then the 2nd week of practice (which was this week), it has been storming rain!!

Thunder, Lightening, and Flash Flood warnings!!  There was even hail and a water funnel on the other side of the island.  Oh gosh!  Crazy but exciting all at the same time!!  I love driving out in the rain.... I just don't like driving when there is someone driving FAST while it's raining.  Why go so fast??  You might hurt yourself along the way?  Geez people, slow down and enjoy the pitter patter, right?  LOL... there might be someone out there that don't like people like me, taking my time, driving in the rain.  Sorry... just enjoying the beauty of the Lord's blessings!!  So as I mentioned, there were all types of storm issues going on, but one of the best things that occur here on the islands when it rains, are the waterfalls across the island's mountain ranges... oh my WORD!!!  SOOO Beautiful... here are some pics (I didn't take these pics... so I do not claim any rights to them!)....

Ok here's a pic taken of Kauai's mountain range:

GORJUSS right???  Well, to also show you how bad the rain storm has been, here is a picture of a shopping mall on Kauai, that might be a surprise to you.... check this out (Jay Armstrong / March 8, 2012):

Yes!!  This man is "SUPPING"!!  Hahaha... hilarious and pretty cool to see.  The local people here just embrace the blessings of this storm, and "ride" with it. 

Ok, now that I've shared a little bit of this week about Hawaii, now to share with you my Love Cards.  I created these Love Cards for last month's "Send a Valentine Hug" to the youth of Hale Ho'omalu.  The children were blessed to receive these cards, and surprised that they were even thought of by those that don't even know them. 

This card was created with an image from Tiddly Inks.  I love Christy's work.  She is 1 of my favorite digital artists.  I love creating with her images because they are sooooo cute!!!  I colored it with my copics, and the "Love" sentiment is a Stampin' Up! stamp.  I've been trying to use my pile of scrap paper, but don't see much dent being done to it.  Just gotta keep creating right???  

Making simply sweet cards, so I just used this stamp from Stampin' Up!, stamped it on a pice of white cardstock, layered and adhered to the card over the ribbon.  Simple but sweet!!  I like these easy to do cards, but believe me, sometimes even thinking them up takes FOREVER!!!!!

This is another simply sweet card.  I also wanted to make use of the twine that I've purchased.  Man, when I buy things, I like to really buy everything, and then I have too much!!  Grrrr... ok, not complaining.  I'm just growling because I can't control my buying power.  Everything just looks soooo cute, and I don't want to use them.  But I must!!  Making cards for the ATP Ministries of Hawaii is really helping me to make them quicker than I am used to.  Oh, and I also want to thank those who had sent in cards for this ministry as well.  If you are interested in sending in cards to this ministry and want to brighten the day of a young one, please check out my sidebar of the left for details listed under "My Card Ministry". 

Ok, one last thing before I end this post... I wanted to mention that my blog called "Cricut Cuts by Jen" which I had shut down 2 years ago, has been revived.  I have been receiving several emails asking about this blog. But this one special email came in recently from "CocoBebe3", and she just encouraged me to repost to that blog again,without really saying it, but I just knew I had to do it.  So thank U, sister!!!  However, I have since expanded my "die cutting" experience, so I have renamed this blog "My Crafty Cuts".  Because other than Cricut cuts,  I now have the Sizzix eClips, SCAL, My Scrap Chick and MORE!!!!  :O)  I will start posting more of my die cut creations to that blog.  So if you would like to check out what cuts I am creating with, please check out the blog and be sure to subscribe there.  Infact, go check it out now, I've given it an updated look and posted a couple of projects already. 

You have a blessed Saturday and enjoy your weekend!! 

Much Hugs n' Blessings,