February 3, 2012

Valentine's Send A Hug

Aloha!! This is my 2nd post for today. Please scroll down to view the cards Ali n' I created for the month of January, which we are sending to ATP Ministries Hawaii. Speaking of the ministry....well it is the month of February, and during this month, we as paper crafters are usually creating cards of love. A blog reader, Chris, had suggested a great idea for this card ministry that I am in. "A Valentine Send A Hug" was what she called it. This would be a fun project for you to also do with your child, and then you can share with them where or to whom the card(s) are going to. Or even have your child create a card on her/his own and send that to the youth. Basically, if you would like to send a handmade card to brighten the day of a locked up youth, here are the rules to follow:

  1. Do not include candies or goodies
  2. If you decide to sign them, sign them only by your 1st name (keeping your privacy confidential).
  3. No Personal Information on your cards (if you have a "created by" stamp, please do not include anything else but your 1st name.
  4. No sharp objects.

You can send your "hugs" to:

All Things Possible Ministries Hawaii

"Sending a Valentine's Hug"

PO Box 89-4607

Mililani, HI 96789

or if you would like to mail your cards to me, please contact me at littlecs7@gmail.com, and I will get my address over to you. When received I will be sure to get them over to the director of this ministry.

Thank U in advance for your thoughts and creativity, and helping me with this ministry. Please know that you will be blessing someone with such a sweet kind gesture, and who knows, maybe even help him/her turn away from the lifestyle that he/she is living!! We can make a change, even if it is thru just 1 card!! These kids will see the love of God thru your creation(s), and may be blown away at how an awesome God He is!!! So thank U!!!

Here is a sample of a sweet n' simple card to let that youth know that someone is thinking of them, praying for them and sending them a hug.... ;O)

May your day be blessed!!! Thank U, Chris for your idea!! Thank U, Christ - for your LOVE!!!


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