February 13, 2012

Love Cards

Hi All... hope you had a great weekend. This weekend's Kenny K's Download Blog Hop was a success, and it has gotten me all psyched up about blogging again. I want to blog everyday - but sometimes there is just no time. I will try and type quickly and make my post a lot shorter (maybe). It really depends on what my day was like. Sometimes it can get so busy, and sometime I can be so lazy. I am sure a lot of you experience the same things I go through.

Before getting into my projects, I wanted to thank those of you that have sent in cards to the ATP Hawaii Ministry that I posted about a week ago. The leader said that several cards came in, and what joy it is for those children to know that someone that they don't even know cares about them enough to make a handmade card for them. So awesome, so I thank you for being a blessing!!!

Ok, so last week, I went to get a full body massage. I haven't had one for a year or so. So I was well overdue. The massage place was all the way down North Shore side (Haleiwa), and it was such a lovely drive out there, I am thinking about going back. The masseuse massage just the right pressure. I loved it. I have to go back. So maybe I'll scheduled an appointment in about a month from now. LOL!! Maybe 2?? Anyways, while being there, she was talking to me about taking magnesium. She told me that out body needs 4 times the amount of magnesium than calcium!! Whoa!!! I didn't know that. Anyways, I ended up buying this magnesium powder mix that she was selling. That thing relaxes me and just calms all the muscles and tensions in my body. I make me a cup in the morning, and another in the evening. The evening one is really what I look forward to, cause it just calms my overall system down, and prepares me to hit the sack!!! LOL!!!!

Tonight (Sunday), I am working on 15 centerpieces, that I haven't even started on yet. The Youth ministry at church are hosting a Valentine's dinner as a fundraiser for Youth Camp next month. I am participating by providing all the centerpieces, but I actually have to MAKE them first!!! I've got all the supplies, but I have to get off of this thing, and get to WORK!!! So let me move on to my projects that I have for you today....

Both images from my projects are Rachelle Ann Miller images. I don't know if Rachelle Ann has anymore images - I haven't been purchasing much of her stuffs, only because I felt that I have a bunch of her stuffs already. Ugh! I have so much stamps... so little time to use them. But I have to and want to make, make, make... anyways, I colored them both with my Copic Sketch Markers. These cards were created for the last card order I received.

That's all for now... have a blessed week in the Lord!!


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