February 8, 2012

Enjoy The Day

Aloha and Welcome!! Yesterday was a lazy day for me.... I went grocery shopping in the morning. The cashier lines at the store that I shop at had moved from one side of the store to the other. Last week when I had been there, they were in the process of moving the cashiers, and I remember thinking to myself while leaving, that the next time I come back, they will already have been moved. So I got to see them in their now location yesterday. The cashiers got new "booths". The lady that I usually go to, "Naomi" told me last week, "what fo' they changing 'em fo'??? The only ting wrong with these (the old booths) was the belts get some holes, but no need change out the whole ting!!"... LOL... well, I just smiled n' laughed. I thought to myself that maybe the owners wanted a new change and somewhere to spend that money. So that's where it's going to. Naomi continued to say, "look like Foodland's old booths...so small, and all buss up! I bet they got 'em from dem. Gotta be, cause green just like, ya???"... LOL!! Love her.... I go to her line cause she can talk up a storm and cracks me up everytime I go there. She was right though, they were too small. The belt wasn't as long as the last one, and the space for where the food goes to be bagged was very limited. But I guess it allowed for more room for the store owner to put more products out on the floor. Regardless, they still have the same foods that I love to eat, so not like the new cashier's booth or it's location is going to change my mind about going there.

After grocery shopping, I pretty much wasted my day. Well, actually - I spent about 4 hours trying to input my Mary Kay order, and then my Stampin' Up! order. The MK order took the longest, because I was trying to get used to their ordering platform. I almost wanted to jump out of my seat, and just say "forget it!!!"... but I just dealt with it, and kept going. I have been procrastinating on both orders... but FINALLY I got to put them in, and yay, so happy that I did!!!

We later attended home fellowship in the evening. We watched the movie "Courageous" last week, and then talked about the movie and the biblical views from the movie. I tell ya... so much to take from that movie. If you haven't had the chance to watch that movie, go check it out. Whether you are a Christian or not, that movie just has a lot of core values that would make it so worth watching. :O) In the movie, {{spoiler alert}} there is a scene where the men take an oath over a resolution that was drawn up. Such a touching part. The men of our home fellowship decided to also take this oath. However, please note, as Christians, these men are already living this oath, but we all thought that it would be an awesome thing for them to read and do together. Here is a picture of them doing just that.

Anyways, my project that I am sharing with you today is a card created for one of my card orders I received last year. The image is from Karber Digital Designs. This is a real sweet image. I didn't really put that much work on this card, and after looking at it, I thought I should've done more. But the order was for simple n' sweet cards, not too much embellishments, so I didn't want to over do it. I colored the image with my Copic Sketch markers. I have downloaded a bunch of other digital images from Karber Designs, and am looking forward in creating with them. So be on a look out!!!! The sentiment is a Hero Arts stamp. :O)

Oh, by the way, on the 11th and 12th of this month, I will be participating in a blog hop called, "Sexy Sirens and Vixen's Blog Hop". We will be featuring Kenny G's Download sexy images. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with, and you won't wanna miss this really sexy blog hop. It was so much fun coloring those images, I had to get me some of my own!!! But please put it on your calendar to join us on those days to check out what was created. I believe there will be a contest or a drawing for those that stop n' visit our blogs to have a chance to win several digital images from Kenny G's Downloads!!! So be sure to check us out.

Ok, it is time for bed for me... long day tomorrow. Well, should be a nice one, mid-morning I'll be enjoying a full body massage, on the North Shore. I'll try and take some pics while I'm out there. Then Mid-Week Bible Study in the evening. Yeeee... Praise the Lord!!! It is NICE to be busy in HIM and for HIM!! Thank U, Jesus!!!


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