February 6, 2012

2 Cards Created with Kitty Bee Designs

Hiyah!! I'm back!!! This is my 2nd post for today... since I had to step out earlier, I didn't have a chance to share these cards that I created using Kitty Bee Designs. Ok, as I mentioned earlier - the illustrator is Ruth, and she is a local who lives here in Hawaii. I've colored all the Kitty images that she gave me, so now I just have to turn them into cards. Here are 2 of the images that I've created into cards...

Earlier I stepped out to hang out with my mom n' dad. They are getting pretty old, and do not feel comfortable with driving around. So my mom had asked me if I could take her and dad and run some errands. Of course, I was fine with that. My mom also wanted to stop by the open-market. We later went to a Chinese restaurant that my dad loves, and it was just a real treat to hang out with those 2. I made them laugh with my silly remarks, and they made me laugh with their reactions. One thing I notice was that I was done with eating before them. I didn't have much to eat, because I have told myself that once I feel full, that's it, I need to STOP. They on the other hand kept eating and eating. I mentioned to them, "Wow - you guys can really put away, ya??" my mom laughs, and she tells me, "well, not too long for me to live - I might as well eat up and all that I can". It was such a fun day with them. The weather was perfect too... rainy n' cold. Loved it. Although my dad was nervous about the situation on the road, I just had to reassure him that I was the best driver around, because I drive JUST LIKE HIM!!!! Funny thing is, I think that worried him even MORE! LOL....

Some info on this 2nd card... the layers that the sentiment is on is a cut from the CTMH Art Philosophy cartridge. I love this cart!!! I used my white pen to add stitch marks unto the layers, but as I was marking around the white pen started to disappear... ugh!! Irritating!!!! So I decided to make the stitches with my black sharpie instead. Works so much better!! I also added stickles, and the flowers are from Hero Arts.

Anyways, thank you for taking the time to read my post and check out my cards. I gotta work on the others, and will get them posted as soon as I can. Have a blessed evening!!


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