January 11, 2012

Shaker Card and Digi Page

Aloha and Happy Wednesday, Gang!! Today I have a card that my 7 year old (6 at the time he created it) practically made all on his own. It is a shaker card that he asked me to show him how to make, so that he could give to his lil' cousin on her birthday. It turned out soooo cute!! I just loved watching him work with all my supplies {{with very close guidance tho'!}}... he was just having a blast creating with what he had. I helped him with the tying of the ribbon. :o)

Here is my daily digital page... I was going back n' forth about posting them on 2 different posts, or keeping them on the same post, and then I just figured, just put them on 1 post, so that if someone comments, they can comment on 1 post easily. So here's today's digi page:

These guys have been buddies since high school, and back in 2009, we had a dinner at Sam Choy's, and these are a couple of pics that we took that night. I have several more to create pages of.

Thanks for popping.... it's a challenge to stay on top of these digi pages, but I am happy that I am following through. It's only January, so I should talk too soon! I was soooo sleepy tonight (I'm pre-posting this the night before), and I thought I was going to skip the digi creation. But I did it!! Praise the Lord! :o)

Have a blessed Wednesday today!!!

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