January 13, 2012

Happy Aloha Friday.... Super Late Post in the Day....

Hi Gang!! Sorry this post is LATE in the day. I have been helping my girlfriend plan her wedding, so we're checking out venues of where she could possible hold her ceremony and reception. It is very exciting... and on top of that, another friend of mines who is a wedding coordinator has approached me and asked for my help with her business. What an awesome Linkopportunity this would be for the both of us!! So exciting!! Please help me pray about this, that I am guided in the path that the Lord would want for me. :o)

Here are the projects for today.... my card creation is another masculine card. The image is a digi image from Tiffany Doodles. Love that she has some masculine images, because I have so many "cutesy" images!! Thank U, Tiffany!! :O)

Here is my digital page for the day.... this is a family shot of all of us that attended the mini-high school reunion for my hubby's buddies. Yes, there is a boat in the restaurant. Cy's favorite restaurant, because he gets to play in the boat after eating. Haven't gone there in a while... I didn't really put too much on this page. Wanted to keep it pretty simple.

Ok, so I have been searching high n' lo for digital printing, because I wanna start printing my pages. I checked out Costco $2.99/page, and Sam's size not avail, well they have a larger size, which you will have to cut down yourself, but I didn't want to go that route. For Costco, if I picked up at the store, for 10 prints, I would pay $31, if shipped $34. I thought that was still a little steep - thinking I'd print at least 20 pages per month, that'll be $60/month I'd have to dish out. Anyways, the Lord heard my prayers!!!! I finally came across Scrapbooks to Share - which charges only $1.50/page, shipping of $6, still coming out to only $21 for 10 pages!!! Yay!!! I think I am going to go with them. Not sure of the quality, but I will be sure to let ya all know how I like it after my 1st order. :O)

I also wanted to start posting all these photos I have been taking with my cameras.... man so many things, so little time!! Was going to start reposting to my photo blog, but bleh... just gonna keep it all here!! It is a photo of Ali's n' my car!! YES... it is IDENTICAL!!! Heee heee.... isn't it awesome?? Ali loved my car so much, she decided to get one herself. We both LOVE our cars.... Thanks to our hubbies!!!

Well, hope your weekend is a blessed one!!! Have fun and enjoy your family!!


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