January 6, 2012

Birthday RAK

Happy Aloha Friday!!! It's the beginning of a new year, and I have all these ideas of what I want to do creatively.... One of them is to focus on getting the Birthday RAK going again. I've had it for several years now, but haven't paid much attention to it all last year. I really want to focus more attention on that, because I don't want to have to have to put an end to it. I'm going to try and send out a card to each birthday participant. If you are a member of the birthday RAK club, you can easily access the calendar by clicking on the calendar located on the side bar. If you would like more information on the birthday RAK club, you may click on the link that is right about the birthday calendar. I hope you will join in on the fun of creating birthday cards, and RAKing those that are celebrating their special day. I've already missed a couple of birthdays earlier this month, but I still plan on sending them a card to make up for the missed days. :o) In light of the birthday RAK club announcement, here are a couple of birthday cards I created a few months back, but didn't have the chance to post, til' now:

Thanks for looking!!! This is my 2nd post of the day... I wanted to put my digital scrapbook pages on a separate post, so please scroll down and check it out! Have a blessed weekend!!


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