December 29, 2011

2012 Family Calendar - Set 2

Hello World.... I have to tell ya, it feels strange writing a blog post, after not writing one for so long. I feel like I have been gone longer than I have been. 2012 is right around the corner, and I am so looking forward to starting a fresh. I am blessed though, every morning, I am given the opportunity from the Lord, to start a new. I know that there has been times this past year that I could've done more for the Lord, and that is what I am talking about.... Just getting my projects out there, and blessing someone with this gift of creativity that the Lord has given me. Today, spending time with the Lord has given me time to reflect back on the year and how I have been truly blessed by Him - I cannot thank Him enough for the things that He has blessed me with. Both Good and Bad things are blessings from the Lord. The bad things has made me seek Him more during those trials, trusting in HIM that all will turn out OK - and as bad as I may have felt during these times, Praising HIM was what got me through them. The good things to remind me of how an awesome and amazing God he is, that He just blesses me continually, even though I know that I have done wrong, He still Loves me with all His heart, and never gives up in having hope for me. So Thank U, Lord!! Thank U for your blessings in 2011!!! I am totally looking forward to my time with YOU in 2012!!

Ok gang, let's pray that 2012 is going to be a fun ride, huh?? I have a couple of more pages to share with you that I created for my Calendar - which by the way is FINALLY on it's way to me. It's taking awhile, so I hope I've learned my lesson. Next year to order earlier and get it printed sooner than I did this year!! I truly enjoyed digitally scrapping these calendar pages, and I really want to make Digital Scrapbooking a part of my projects more on a daily basis! I have to!!! It's to preserve the memories for my children, right?? Well, that is one of my goals for 2012. It has been a goal for a while now, but I always have something else to do than that. Ugh!! Now is the time to do it! It's so easy to do, and is portable. I should be able to take the kids to the park and digi scrap, right? Well, sometimes, not as easy as it sounds, because I would need a nice shady place to sit, and that isn't always the case when you go to the park. Look at me, making excuses already??? LOL.... well, I have got to try SOMETHING to make me design at least 1 page a day!

Well, here are the pages I am sharing with you today. I hope to post more of them tomorrow....

If you have any questions regarding what digital elements I used, feel free to comment and I will reply to you here. Have a blessed day in the Lord... and praying that the rest of your week is a blessed one as well.


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