November 29, 2011

Requests for Cards For Locked Up Lambs....

Aloha and Thank You for stopping by!! Ali n' I are taking a break from the Fun Cut Challenge this week, we had too much turkey to eat, and haven't been able to recuperate just yet, LOL!!

Well remember a couple of months ago, I mentioned about making cards for Locked up Lambs? These Locked up Lambs are young kids, as young as 12 years old to 18 years old, that are in a Juvenile home on this island. My brother and sister in Christ that runs this ministry has asked us to create some Christmas cards for these precious children. We thought that it would be awesome if you wanted to participate as well. Sending a Christ-mas card of encouragement to one of them would be such a blessing!! There is a Girl Scouts group making Christ-mas cards for them also. We’re looking to give each locked up lamb, a minimum of two Christ-mas cards, one from a Girl Scout and one or more from the Prayer Team. If you would like to participate, please adhere to these guidelines:

1. Sign the card with your first name ONLY. We want to keep your personal information
2. Don’t put anything in the card (stickers, gift cards, candy, etc…). We want to make sure no
one gets more than someone else.

You can mail the card(s) to: All Things Possible Ministries, Hawaii PO Box 89-4607 Mililani, HI 96789.

Please post mark the card(s) before December 17th so we can ensure receipt of the card(s) to distribute. We will redact your return address.

Thank You in advance for your thoughtfulness and consideration. We pray that you have a great week in the Lord. God Bless!!!

Jen n' Ali

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