November 17, 2011

Homemade Acid Wash Jeans n' Jacket and 80's Buttons

Hooty-Hoo!! Hello to you... this past October, our Youth Group at church held a "Back to 80's" Fun Night. Our 15 yr old, CY4, approached us for help in dressing up for this event. My Hubby, CY3, was ECSTATIC to help him out, because he was a child of the 80's and LOVED the way we dressed back then. I had no clue, so I was on stand by and would be "on call" if he needed me to do or make anything. We headed out to our local thrift store, and picked up a Jean and a Jean-Jacket. CY3 knew exactly what CY4 was going to wear, and what they were going to do to make those clothing into 80 styled outfits. He wanted to make them into Acid Wash Jeans!! All they needed to do was sprinkle a bunch of Clorox unto the Jeans material. If you want to do this, please do this in an open area. We did it in front of our garage. Here are a couple of photos with CY3 and CY4 pouring Clorox on the Jeans and Jean-Jacket:

You can already see in the photos how the material is already losing the dye colors, and being bleached. It was a neat process for CY4 to watch. After it was done, we washed it twice without detergent, and then hung dried. This is how they turned out looking afterwards:

As you can see, the colors of each clothing were really bleached out by the Clorox. :) Here is my CY4 all decked out for the evening....

Oooh!!! That's right, see all the buttons that are on his jacket?? Well, CY3 needed me afterall to create those 80's buttons. I just googled "80's Buttons" in the search engine, and found a bunch of these. I printed them out on white cardstock, laminated, and adhered a pin backing to each. They were pretty fun to make, and turned out sooooo cool!!!

Thanks for taking some time out of your day and spending it here with me on our blog. Hope you've enjoyed this post!!


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