October 20, 2011

New Nails, New Blings with a little help from the Imaginisce's iRock Tool

Aloha and Welcome back!! Yesterday, it was time for me to get my nails done again, by my favorite nail designer, Lena. I chose my color, this time went with a light pink color. Last time I got my nails done I had Lena color the entire nail. This time, I've decided to go with just the tips. Plus they dry quicker, and I think they make my hands look a lot prettier. Anyways, while Lena is prepping my nails, I had an opportunity to look around her table to see what type of design I wanted to go with. I see this beautiful design with black lines, and 2 pink blings - gorjuss!! I mentioned to Lena how much I just love blings on my nails, and that the last time I had my nails done, I went home and added a bling to each nail, using my iRock tool. Ha Ha! Yes!! No kidding!! Lena then says, "Can I do something other than the lines?".... I have been going to this woman for the last 8 years or so, so I totally trust her abilities in designing my nails. So I said, "Sure, go ahead."

When she was done with my nails, I was totally pleased!! It turned out sooooo cute, with the 3 blings on each finger that she put on there for me, and all the polka dots. Super Cute, RIGHT?!?!??!

Well, I get home, and I am thinking to myself - my nails could handle having "just 1 more" bling... heh heh heh.... so I bust out my iRock tool by Imaginisce, (which I picked up both Rocks n' Tool from my girlfriend Man Le, of Pineapple Cove). I then selected a color, and decided to go with purple, since the last time I went with blue. Oh My WORD!!!! Hee heee.... talk about being a giddy lil' girl!! I just love it!!! Above is the "Before" photo without the purple bling, and here is the "after" photo with the purple bling added. I used the iRock tool because the adhesive behind each bling, when melted is super strong, and I did not want to add another coat of clear to my nails. This way, the bling adheres with no problem of being removed. I LOVE IT!!!!! Oh, I must mention, when heating, I can feel a little bit of heat going through my nails. My nails have a thick gel coating on them, so I do NOT recommend you applying these to your natural nails, or that might be painful!!!

Ok before you go, I have a project to actually share with you! Yes... you didn't think I'd let ya go without sharing a project, did ya?? LOL... it is a CASED project, CASED from Robin of "My Pink Stamper". I was in the mood in creating a wedding card, and saw how easy her card was, and went with it! Thanks Robin... She's the best, isn't she??? I can't find the exact blog post that she posted this project, but she has a video which you can find here, this is where I saw it at.

Thanks again for popping in!! Have a blessed day!!


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