October 26, 2011

Franken-Baskets: Tutorial and Freebie Design Studio Cuts

Aloha and Welcome!! Sorry I haven't posted in a the last couple of days... I have been working on projects for my grand niece's birthday party, which is happening this Saturday! It is finally right around the corner, and we are getting down to the last final things that needs to be done. What makes it crazier is that we have a very busy week, not only with the birthday planning, but other things that are happen around us as well.

This past weekend, I came across an old blog post of mines back in 2008, of our "Frankenstein Family". I thought that they'd really be cute if they were made into baskets. So I just put my Basic Basket design (George cart), together with the Franken Pieces and whala!!! For these cuts, I have added a nose piece. On the previous cut, you would have to use a punch for his nose, but this time, you can cut the nose piece together with the other pieces. I've also created 2 different cuts for you to use, either a cut for 8-1/2 x 11 cardstock, or 12x12 cardstock!! I hope you like whichever one you decide to go with. Go for both, as they both have their great reasons as to why you'd like to use either or.

I've written up a little tutorial on how to put this cut together... so let's begin:

Here are the pieces that will cut out on this cut (the ribbon piece is for a female Franken-Basket if you want to make one):
Here are all the pieces. Please note, I also cut a 1" x 11" strip of cardstock. This is for the handle of the basket. You will need to cut this on our own (incase you are wondering why it didn't cut on your Cricut ;O} )

This is the side of the basket. Use Scor tool to score on score marks.

This is the inner cut that fits between the side cuts shown above. Score on score marks.

Flip this piece over and apply double stick tape as shown below....

Take both pieces, and adhere together to form the basket.

Here is the basket portion of the cut, completed... (this is just assembling the 2 pieces together).

Take the purple "bracket" cut and cut out with scissors your hair piece (this part of the project must be free hand, and was not cut on the cricut.... be creative, make your own hair style!!!

The circle piece that was cut in the same color of it's face, you will need to cut in half, as these will become it's eyelids.

I sponged the edged of each piece (used Chocolate Chip - SU!)

Here are all the pieces to make Franken's face, sponged and ready to assemble...

His face put together, I used a black sharpie to add stitch marks in various locations of his face.

Now to attach the face to the basket. Apply double stick tape to the outer panel o the basket.

Apply the face, and the other blank piece to the other side of the basket.

Then attached the handle. I attached the handle by stapling it on. Also, I found that it is easier to staple it on BEFORE I adhere the face and back panels on.
I also made a female version... which I have included her ribbon within the cut file as well.

Thanks for peeking!! For those of you that would like to download and use this cut file, you will need the following in order to cut this:

  • Cricut Machine
  • George Basic Shapes Cricut Cartridge
  • Accent Essentials Cricut Cartridge
  • Design Studio Program
Click Here to Download the Franken-Basket Cut File for 8-1/2 x 11 Cardstock
Click Here to Download the Franken-Basket Cut File for 12 x 12 Cardstock

Enjoy and God Bless....
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