September 19, 2011

Money Lei for Mom's Friend

Hey There! How was your weekend? I hope you had a blessed weekend, well spent. Today I am sharing with you pics of the money lei that I've created for my mom's friend who recently retired. My mom didn't really know what to give her retiring friend, so I suggested a money lei. This lei has $26 on it. She really loved how it turned out. I used 2 colors of ribbon (Gold and Forest Green), and did a Military braid that I learned from a you tube video that Gina shared with me. Thanks girl!! It may not be the same video that she shared with me, but it is the same braid.

Anyways, here are pictures of the lei I made....

This is the front view....

Here is the back view, the Military Braid lei that I attached all the $$$ to:

and here it is draping on my chair. ....

I have a funeral to attend today. My friend's aunty passed away. She was my neighbor from my childhood days. I remember going over to their house almost everyday, just to hang out and talk stories with her while she tended to the weeds in her grassy area. I really enjoyed talking stories with her, and just being able to ramble words along with her. Well, she is gone now. I don't know what she died of, if there even was a disease, or just of old age. But I was blessed by her, even if it was only for a short time in my life. I will never forget her.

Have a blessed day and an awesome week!! With Blessings, Jen

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