June 24, 2011

Goodbye For Now....

From here on, I won't be posting as much to my blog anymore. The Lord has opened doors for me, that I couldn't possibly image happening, and I have to let some things go. One them being this blog. I will however continue to post my projects to my Facebook account. So if you like, you can connect with me on Facebook Here.

One of the doors that the Lord has opened is of a local florist will be selling my card creations, and I don't think I will be able to continue to up keep this blog. So, come and find me on Facebook, and let's connect there. I will keep this blog up and running, so that readers can check out my past creations, and of course links to the many tutorials shared.

I will also be focusing more on doing Worship with the new Christian Band that we started. Creating project for my church's store and for my sister's store in California. Of course with God and my Family in priority!! Please continue to keep me in prayer, for without Him, none of this would be possible!! Pray that I am able to share HIS LOVE through my art, my singing and my nourishment upon my family and friends!! There is nothing more fulfilling for me to do, which is to be obedient to HIS Word, and do what His will is. Thank U for coming along with me, and sharing in this journey with me.... looks like I've gotta fasten my seat belt and see where else the Lord is gonna take me!! See ya on Facebook!!!

Much Love n' Blessings, Jen

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