May 11, 2011

Prayer Request - Wednesday 5/11/11

It has been awhile since I've posted a Prayer Request post... I have a couple of Prayers that are being requested, and thought that it would be a nice way to start today's blog posting with it. Please take some time to pray for these brothers and sisters, who have asked us so kindly to stand together with them in prayer.... if you have anything that you would like us to pray for, click on over to the Prayer Request page, and you can post your prayer request in the comment post there. Aloha and Agape!!

  • My husband is a pastor and is doing a wedding in Africa this summer. We have the opportunity to bring our 3 and 5 year old with us but we need the finances to do so. Being a couple with such young children, we would prefer to bring them with us instead of having them more than halfway around the world away from us for 2 weeks. We would appreciate your prayers that God will come through for us with the provisions to bring our kids with us.
  • My daughter needs prayer for her spiritually – first, mental and physical life. She’s searching but not finding what she’s searching for. Of course, we know, without God at the top of her list, she’s not going to be happy. Please help me pray for her.
  • My friend is battling breast cancer, a very vigorous type of cancer. Please pray that HIS healing hands will be upon her. That her family is in comfort and that the hearts of everyone involved, and affected are calmed throughout out the weeks of treatments. Please pray that the doctors that are caring for her are guided with the Lord's wisdom and strength.
  • A sister at our church is battling cancer. Please pray for her family and healing over her body.
Here are prayers requested from juveniles that are currently incarcerated, which is a ministry I am part of:

  • Royce – that he would do well in the program he’s being sent to.
  • Malik – that he would leave the juvenile home soon.
  • Jerico – for his family (they are struggling), for his friends and enemies.
  • Tony – for his friends & family, that the Lord would lead him to the “right path”, his court date (not specified).
  • Makario – that he would go home soon and for his family. Also that he would be able to play together with his brothers.
  • Donald – for his girlfriend who is in the hospital…she’s due any time now and has high blood pressure.
  • Jordan – for his family, friends, his girlfriend and her family.
  • Kamron – for himself and his family.
  • Jake – that his family would be happy, that he would get out soon and go back home.
  • Max – for his mom & girlfriend to be safe, for himself and that the Lord would give him the strength and
  • desire to change.
  • Blane – for his family.
  • Kingston – that he could go back home soon.
  • Michael – for his family & friends, his court date (5-25-11), that he would be able to be under house arrest instead of staying in the juvenile home and that he would live a better life so he can be free. Also that he would in turn stop doing bad things and start doing good things and for his aunty Elsie’s family (she recently passed
  • Kuman – that his ex-girlfriend would give him another chance, that his family and friends would be safe.
  • Kiuna – that he would be able to go to a better home (his aunty’s house).
  • Johnnie – blessings for his family, that he would “get out but give me the discipline” he deserves
  • Roger – that he would be successful.
  • Kaina – for his family and the whole “west side”.
  • Lillian – for motivation (to do her apology letters and essay) for court, and for her boyfriend to be safe & realize his wrong doings.
  • Amanda – to go home soon.
  • Lehua – that she would get accepted to drug court, that she and her grandma would work their differences out, that grandma would forgive her & love her again, for her court date (5-12-11) and that she doesn’t have to go to HYCF. Also that her nephew is healthy, that her boyfriend is doing good and is happy.
  • Jasmine – for her court date, for her grandma and papa who are having a hard time, that they could be a family again. Also that she would do good.
  • Tiffany – for her court date (5-18-11), that she would be able to go home, that she would do better, stop her bad habits, that she would reconnect with God and that the Lord would give her help, support and strength to make it through these tough times. Also that she would make wise choices and not get caught up with the same things and people.
  • Jasmine S – that she would get out soon, for her grandparents, her boyfriend, her court date (5-12-11) and that she would get back on the right path. Also for her grandma and mom to have a good mothers day
  • Rosalia – for her family, her court date (5-12-11), for herself and her life.
  • Catherine – that her mom would be a better mom, that court would go well (6-21-11), that her boyfriend would do good, for Kingston, Donald & Max, for her best friends to do good and that things would change at home. Also for her family, that the time she spends in the program would go by fast, that she wouldn’t run away from the program, that those in the juvenile home would do good & make positive changes in their lives, for her best friend & her family, and for Jerico who has a difficult time with some of the boys in the juvenile home.
  • Kayla – that court would go well (5-09-11), that she would get to go home, that she would never return to the juvenile home and for those with cancer to live long and strong. Also that her mom would have a good mothers day.
  • Lei’ahi – that she would go home (not a foster home), for her mom who is backsliding (that she would be the same Christian lady she was).
  • Please also pray for Jon & Princeton. They didn’t have any prayer requests.
Thank You for your prayers... remember, we can pray for you too!! Send me an email or leave a comment at the Prayer Request link posted above.

God Bless!

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.
{ Philippians 4:6 }