May 15, 2011

Prayer Request: May 15, 2011

Good Morning Sunday, Gang!! I am posting another Prayer Request, because an email came out to me 2 days ago requesting for prayer. So I am sharing with you here. Please join me in prayer for the following....

One of our kids (I'm a teacher....and we commonly refer to our students as our kids, especially the ones that touch our hearts) has been sick for some time now and they haven't been about to find out what's wrong with her. Tonight we received a call saying that she has leukemia. She's a junior in hs, has two little brothers and she is the most beautiful girl both inside and out. The greatest thing about Kierstynn is that she walks her faith and rarely, if ever, gets caught up in the nonsense that many of us remember in high school. She is a special this has hit many of us very hard. Any prayers for Kierstynn, her family, friends and community would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your willingness to help us pray for her.
God Bless,


Thank you for taking the time to pray!! God Bless n' Have an awesome day in the Lord!!

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