May 25, 2011

Prayer Request 5/25/2011

Good Morning Wednesday....

Just wanted to put out some prayer requests for our prayer warriors out there. Thank You for your continued prayers!! The Lord is amazing and is full of wonderful things. Sometimes things might go the way we don't hope it to, but the Lord knows what is best for us, and has a plan for each n' every one of us. So keep those prayers coming and cry out to him. Here are the prayers for this week.....

  • Please pray for Barbara Jacobs. She has been in the hospital for over a week with heart problems (among other things) and the prognosis isn't very promising. Pray for comfort on both her and her family. Calmness within hearts, and patience for everyone involved. For doctors that will be caring, and with wisdom as to what it is they need to do with Barbara.
  • Pray for the lost lambs of Hale Ho'omalu.
  • Pray for me (Jen), that I can remain focused on the Lord, and do things that are glorifying unto Him, and not man!
  • Pray for the people of Missouri affected by the Joplin tornado.
Thank U! Have a blessed day in the Lord!!!!

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