May 11, 2011

Homemade Baby Gift Basket

Good Morning Wednesday, Peeps!!! Other than paper crafting, I like creating other crafty items. Whenever there is a chance to enhance the look of a gift, I am all for it. My girlfriend came over to my house and told me that she had to go shopping for her hubby, because he had a co-worker at work celebrating the birth of their child. He was supposed to go shopping for the entire office, instead it turns out to be a task for her to do. I told her, "let's make the gift into a baby basket"... and off to shopping we went. Oh how fun it was to purchase yummies for babies. The basket n' cellophane wrapping wasn't much, so it didn't take away from the money that was supposed to go to the gifts. We got home, and I immediately went to work and put this baby together. Here's how it turned out.....

The entire bottom of the basket was filled with diapers and wipes, so instead of using paper stuffing, we utilized the space efficiently. :o) My girlfriend's hubby was surprised to see a basket made gift, he thought that she had purchased it going over the budget. His co-worker's were thrilled that he came in with such a cute yummy-filled basket. I even threw in a free card for all of them to sign and to give to it's receiver.

It was a joy and a blessing for me to share a little bit of love n' joy through my creativity with these friends. So thrilled that they loved it!!

Have a blessed Wednesday!!

P.S. >>> Please scroll down to the previous post, and join me in prayer for those that have requested prayer... God Bless!!

"A joyful heart makes a cheerful face."
{{ Proverbs 15:13 NASB }}

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