April 3, 2011

Sunday Journal.... April Showers

Welcome back... Friday night with my crafty sisters was a long awaited treat. Surprisingly, I had no coffee. But we were up all night talking stories and just having a great time creating. The Lord has really blessed me with loving friends. He is so awesome!!! Thank You, Lord for my Girlfriends n' Sisters in Christ!!

Yesterday was a loooooong day!! It started off with attending Cy's class spelling bee. We went to support two of his classmates, who unfortunately were eliminated. We then made a quick stop to Leonard's Bakery for Malasadas... yummmm!!! Fortunately, my hubby doesn't eat Malasada's, so more for US! Heh, Heh..... then my oldest had a relay event at the University, which lasted pretty much the ENTIRE day. I brought my laptop along, because in between events there was really nothing to do but wait around, eat snacks, and wait around some more. So I got some reading up on digital scrapbooking, and am so excited for what I was able to learn. Anyways, what a great experience it was for all of the kids at their school.

Ok well, today's Sunday Journal theme is "April Showers".... hmmm... I just love the rain!! I love journaling!! I love journaling while it is raining!!! The tender pitter-patter sounds, or the loudness of the heavy rain, all the different sounds that rain makes. When I was a little kid, I owned a dairy... did you hear this story before? Haha, I think I already told you that. Anyways, today we have our journaling and I tell you what, just as a kid, I can still write a whole lot of things about one thing, for now this is what I came out with the topic of "Rain/April Showers". I'm sure that in the future, if this theme came up again, I could write something totally different.

Journaling for me is more about writing and ot too much about the designing of a journaled page. The idea that came to my mind when I thought of April Showers were definitely a gathering of clouds, that had showers of rain falling from them. So I tried to incorporate that idea into my page. I cut out some clouds, which I created on my Design Studio, using the George cartridge. I actually made 5 clouds, but my page was big enough for just these 3. I sponged the edges with Cocoa ink, and then just drew in the raindrops. The page I just inked up with an ink pad, creating a grundgy storm look. In my journal, I just jumped around, to the middle of my journal, but adding the date so that when I look back, I'll be able to know when it was written. If you're wondering why there is a streak of yellow in the middle of my page, it's because it has to do with what I wrote. Feel free to read what I've journaled about. Then it'll help you to understand why that yellow coloring is where it is at.

Here is a pic of the clouds I made on the Design Studio, with George Cartridge. If you would like to cut this file, you will need the Cricut Personal Cutter or the Expression, along with the Design Studio and George cartridge. All you need to do is change the mat setting sizes if applicable.

If you would like to download this cut file, please leave me a comment requesting the "Clouds" cut file, along with your email addy or feel free to email me with your request at littlecs7@gmail.com. Please allow at least 24 hours for the link to be sent to you.

It's time to head out and Worship the Lord with my fellow brothers n' sisters. May you have a blessed Sunday in the Lord!! Tomorrow we begin our Challenge!!! Please stop by n' join us....


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