April 9, 2011

Ali's Card Creation for Mojo Monday Challege Week 185

Good Morning Gang!!! I'm late with my project today, but Ali is on time with hers, so I'm posting her's now. We have some friends coming over to craft today, so I'm getting ready for that. I will be posting my project later. But in the meantime, check out what Ali created. We are following the Mojo Monday sketch of the week.

Didn't Ali do a fabulous job?? I haven't played with any TGF images this year. I don't know why, but I have a bunch of stamps that are un-inked and plenty of digi images that I just have been hoarding all these months. So hopefully I will be able to create with those babies soon. They are so fun to color and to use our copics with. The image that Ali used on her card is so darling. Reminds me of my daughter, oh wait, I don't have a daughter... LOL!! Ok, reminds me of when I was a kid, and DIDN'T have stuffed animals to hug. I know I had a favorite pillow though. Does that count? To me, it sure was much better than a stuffed animal. The only stuffed animals I had back then was those things you win from Carnival games, from E.K. Fernandez, back in the day. Hahahahhaa... those things were HARD!!! How is that nice to hug? Anyways, off of my high horse and "drama" (as 1 mysterious reader would comment)... I'm just saying, my pillow was nicer to hug than any stuffed animals that I had.

Well, I bettah tidy up before the ladies arrive. And make some fruit salad for everyone to grind. I hope you have a blessed day in whatever you do!! Do not hesitate to call out HIS name if you are in a bind, and do NOT hesitate to call out HIS name when you are NOT in a bind. He loves to hear you whisper a little "Thank You, Jesus" every now n' then.

Love to you all and thanks for peeking. I'll be back with my creation later tonight.

Jen n' Ali

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