March 28, 2011

My Niece's Sweet 16th Birthday with Hello Kitty Favors

Hi There! How was your weekend? I hope you had a great time, in doing whatever it was. This weekend, we've celebrated my niece's Sweet 16th birthday at Tasty Chop Suey in Kalihi. A small Chinese restaurant that has been around for the longest time that I can remember since being a kid. I grew up in Kalihi, and have seen that place several times. But it wasn't til' I married my hubby, that his mom has taken us there on several occasions. This was one of them. Well, I can't believe my niece is already 16. Gee whiz, time sure flies, doesn't it?? She n' my CY4 are the oldest of 6 grandchildren to my MIL. They were both the 1st two kids born from their generation. Now they are teens. As I've said, time surely flies and quickly too!!! Sigh....

My SIL asked me if I could make some Hello Kitty favors for the party, and I went with 2 different designs, 10 of each of them.

I've written the cartridge names on the photo so you can see what cartridges I used to create these with. I create the bag cut in this photo with Design Studio, and cut it on my Cricut. The bag is similar to the cut that Stampin' Up! sells. I even added "bracket" edges to this cut, so that I was VERY similar to the SU! cut. I think I came pretty close to it. ;o) If you do use the .cut file, there is a piece of the bracket that you will need to manually remove yourself, before putting the bag together. You can click on the link at the bottom of this page to download the .cut file if you have the Design Studio program, and the cartridges that I've used to create this cut.

This here is a Hello Kitty basket, which I know you HK lovers out there will LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! I had fun creating this HK basket on the Design Studio, and really like how it turned out. I myself, not being a huge HK fan, enjoyed creating and putting this one together.

A close up pic of the 1st HK Favor bag, as you can see, I've added the bracket edges. The edges come from the cart Alphalicious, so you NEED this cartridge together with the other cartridge, and the Design Studio, and most importantly the Cricut machine in order to cut this cut. The sentiment was cut from "Once Upon a Princess".
The Hello Kitty basket. These would be great for Easter treats as well. ;o)

Now, since on the other favor bag, I had "Sweet 16" pasted on, I thought I'd need to do the save for this HK basket, so I decide to use the word "Sweet" from "Create a Critter", cut out and then paste to the handle of the basket. "16" is from Alphalicious.

Here is a photo of the favors on one of the tables at the restaurant. They were kind enough to let us use 1 table for all the favors. Made such a cute display for all to see.
Oh wait... I can't skip on sharing with you her Hello Kitty cake!!! Yummy!! Very fresh and light tasting (not too sweet for me, so I was delighted). They got this cake from Delight Bakery a.k.a Saint Germaine's.

We had such a wonderful time with family. The food was delish, but the company was tastier!! Here is a pic of all of us after dinner... we were STUFFED!!! That's my CY4 on the right of the photo... look how BIG he's gotten, ladies!! Oh My!! So fast!!!

Question for today:

When you have an itch, do you apply some kinda cream or ointment? If so, what?

~ I use Lanecane, when I was younger, we used vick's. But I've found that Lanecane works quicker!! ~

Thank U for your time! God bless!!

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