March 25, 2011

My NEW Ride... and sharing some Hello Kitty Projects

Hi Gang!! I hope your week has been going well. It has been blustery here on the island of Oahu, I love that it is windy and cool, but it can get kinda scary when the wind is blowing against my house, because the creaking of the house kinda freaks me out thinking that it might come down. The winds have been pretty strong too, between 50-60 MPH! My hair has been up in a bun most of the week, to avoid having to do the "crazy hair dance". Well, before I go on, I have added "Quick Comments" to the bottom of each post, so that it is easier for you to select a comment, instead of leaving one. If you are in a rush, and have no time to post a comment, these will come in handy for you. If you are reading from your email, you just need to click on the title of the post and you will be able to click on the quick comment of your choice.

Well, first let me share with you a few things before getting into the crafty stuffs... I got a NEW RIDE!!! Weeee Hooooo!!! Yes, I am thrilled, can you tell? The Mighty Good Lord has blessed us with a new Chevrolet Traverse. 1st off, I need to mention that it has been a while now that we have been looking into purchasing a new vehicle. My hubby got a new truck about 8 months ago, and I took over his Ford Expedition. Because I wasn't planning on driving very far daily, I figured the big "X" would be ok to drive. Which it was. I thoroughly enjoyed driving it, but it was a huge gas guzzler!! Well, as time went by, I prayed about the type of car that I wanted.. I only had a FEW desires.... Must have Reverse Sensors, Diamond Pearl White, Spacious and More Mileage for the gas. Well, last weekend, a friend of hubby told him about the First Hawaiian International car show that was happening. We checked it out.... we saw the Pathfinder, which I liked, but it was too boxy for me. I loved that it had 3 rows of seating, and that it was comfy inside. However, I didn't like the boxy look... it was too sporty for me. But it was still on my list of cars. We then saw the Highlander... hmmm... smaller than the Pathfinder, 3 rows seating, but not too spacious. I knocked the Pathfinder off, and put the Highlander on the list of likes. I then saw the Murano... oh so spacious, beautiful, but the downfall was 2 row seating. After seeing the 2 vehicles of 3 row seating, I was kinda leaning towards something with 3 rows because I liked the idea of having that extra room for my parents, if ever needed. The Highlander and the Murano were now the 2 top cars that I was planning on getting. We were ready to leave the show and check out the dealers. While on our way out, hubby sees to the right of him, the Chevrolet Traverse. "Hey, we didn't check this one out.... let's go see". OH MY... we both got into the front seat... it was SPACIOUS - like the Murano, and we both fit comfortably (in the Highlander, he was kinda squished in the passenger seat. I looked back, and it had 3 rows of seat... like the Highlander!! It was like I was getting 2-in-1!!!

The Lord completely directed our path into seeing this beautiful car, and knew that it was what I had my heart set on. I knew that I wanted that vehicle. But now it was time to think about whether or not we'd be able to afford it. Off to lunch we went. We ate at Lobster King. They had a bunch of lobster dishes that looked so onolicious!!! We decided on having the Lobster with Black Beans - good choice, hubby!!! I was enjoying this dish so much, I forgot that we were in the "buying a car" mode. Oh so yummy... juicy lobster meat, and a tasty sauce. We also had the Oyster Sauce Chicken and Cake Noodle, Chinese Beef Steak and my ALL TIME FAVORITE: Honey Walnut Shrimp. I will NOT go to a Chinese Restaurant without having this dish! Hee hee... So, if you are ever in town, near J's Knicknacks, Cute Stuff or even Photo Craft... and have some yummy urges for yummy Chinese food, you should go and check out Lobster King.

We then headed down to Cutter. They had 5 Traverses' on the lot. 1 black one, which was sold, a red one, 2 charcoal ones, and 1 Diamond Pearl White.... Ahhhhhh!!!! Just as I wanted!!! Oh gosh.... Praise The Lord, He was truly sending me to the place where He knew I would find the car that I wanted. This one was the top of the line vehicle, came with 2 dvd players in the headrest, so that the kids can watch, not 1 but 2 movies, each of their own choice. Which means they didn't have to "share" a movie. It also came with wireless headphones (yay!!!), so while they are watching their movies, I can listen to my KLHT radio station and get into the WORD without having to tell them to "turn it down". It also came with reverse sensors, but on top of that, a reverse camera feature that shows up on my rear view mirror to help me back up and see where I'm going. Which is AWESOME, because I'm so paranoid about someone or something always being behind me where I might not be able to see them or it. Hahahaa.... The back of the car opens automatically with a touch of a button... no more lifting for me. The car seating has 2 "reserve" seating positions so that I can reserve my seating position (and the mirrors), and when and if hubby drives, he can press button #2 to go to his seating position. The car is linked to my phone's bluetooth, so that when I make a call, the radio and air con (which is super strong and cold) turns down, and the person I am talking to comes through the stereo. The seating is leather, and are captain seating (bucket). Oh I just love it, and I give all Glory and Praises to HIM for this blessing that HE has given us. Thank U Lord, Jesus!!!!

Ok, on to my craft projects. Today, I have 2 projects to share.... this first one is a Happy Birthday card, which I made on the Design Studio using "Hello Kitty Greetings". I've welded the sentiment to the bottom of the card, and it turned out so cute!!! I am sharing this file with you, so if you would like to download it, you can get it here. -----> Hello Kitty Birthday Card

The card above was created for my girlfriend's daughter, Sophia. So with her gift bag, I made a super large gift tag that I welded her name onto the Hello Kitty image. This was created using "Hello Kitty Font". Here is how it turned out, she loves the color purple....

Ok my friends... it's time to start your weekend!! I pray that you all have a marvelous well spent weekend with family n' friends. Thank you so much for spending a little of your time with me today, and reading about my new toy!!! But most of all, thank you for your friendship!!

Much Hugs n' Blessings...

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