March 30, 2011

Sweet RAK's From Friends

Good Morning Wednesday, Ya'll!!! Yesterday was a crazy busy day. I had a dentist appointment. There is this tooth of mines that has been such a pain in the behind!! 1st a root canal, then a crown. But of course, before the permanent crown is created a temporary one is placed in, while the permanent one is being created. Well, due to my LOVE for Fried Chicken, the kine like from Tanioka's (oh soooo tasty and crunchy!!!), my temporary tooth fell off!!! Gasp!!! So I had to go back to the dentist, he had to rebuild my own tooth and resize for another fitting of the crown because a piece of my own tooth cracked off with that temporary. Sheesh!!! That's some crunchy chicken, huh??? Tanioka's has a lot of ala cart items... oh sooooo yummy!! Love to go there for a quick stop to grab stuffs for a quick lunch or even to go to the beach and munch on something small. But go early, cause their lines are long (although it goes quickly), and they close @ 2 pm. Thinking about them chicken makes me all yummy for it! Anyways, while at my dentist appointment, Dr. Leong and I starting talking about my blog. Ok, first off, he n' I always talk stories whenever I go in, and we've become good friends (at least I think so!). And he went to check out this "blog" I was talking about, and was pretty amazed and interested in what I've got going on here. So I told him that I would blog about him, and do a shout out to him... so.... }}}}}}} Hello Dr. Leong!!!! {{waving BIG}} {{{{{{{{{ He's a good-fun dentist, I just wished he was closer to where I lived so that I don't have to drive so far to get there (hint, hint!!!). Oh wait!! "HI Lawre!!!!" ((She was assisting him with me yesterday... heee heeee)). Ok, if you ever NEED a fun dentist, who will take care of you, you might wanna check out Dr. Leong at Waiala'e Dental Care. Tell him Jen sent ya! ;o)

Well, after that, my day was pretty much left to doing house chores, so no creating for me. But I do have these Sweet RAK's that I received, first from Jenny of Little Jenny's Creations:

Doesn't that cupcake look yummy?? Very Cute!!!
Jenny also gave me 2 CakePops that she made... check these out how adorable n' tasty they were...
and the 2nd RAK received was from SCS Elizabeth "Zizzie 78". She sent me this sweet card for my birthday last month....

Well I'm off to start my day. I hope you have a blessed day!!

Much Hugs,

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