March 4, 2011

eClips Vs Cricut.....

Hi All... just some random thoughts I have been having about the eClips Machine. Seen the eClips Machine in action last week at J's Knicknacks. Oh Boy.... contemplating if I should add this machine to my collection or not. Leaning more to the "not"... but it sure looks like something that I would LOVE to have. Well, I better use more of my Cricut before doing anything crazy like purchasing it, right!! I did however find out that the eClips Mat and Blades are compatible with the Cricut machine. Infact, I found that the blade and mats are BETTER than what Provo Craft has for the Cricut. The eClips Blade is a little bigger, which allows it to cut a cleaner cut than Cricut's. The mat is NOT too sticky like how the Cricut ones are, and they seem to be a little thinner than the Cricut one as well. The price range are pretty much the same, but if one item is gonna work better than the other, it would be worth checking out.

If you do check it out, let me know what you think.

Aloha, Jen

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