March 11, 2011

The Aloha Friday Post

Hi Gang... with yesterday's devastating earthquake that took place in Hoson, Japan, the 8.9 earthquake triggered a Tsunami warning to take place here in the State of Hawaii. Needless to say, people across the islands, that resided on the shoreline were evacuated. Those who were safe at home probably stayed up all night watching the news, like myself, just waiting to see if the Tsunami was going to hit or not. It was scheduled for a 2:59 am arrival. By 10:45 pm, Thursday evening, sirens were going off every 30 minutes. Although I tried to get my rest in between sirens, I could not help but to be glued to the television whenever they showed clips of Japan and what terrifying events were taking place over there. Please join me in prayer as we pray for our fellow brothers n' sisters there in Japan.

Here in Hawaii, we were in a Tsunami watch til' 7:55 am, this (Friday) morning. Although 3 waves have hit that were not endangering to lives, we were still on a Tsunami watch because experts believed that even the 10th wave may be the strongest. But Praise the Lord, He has given us mercy, and spared our lives. My oldest, CY4 is heading off to camp this weekend, with his school, and camp is along the shoreline. Please keep them in prayer as well.

I thank all of you for your prayers, hugs and concerns for all of us here in Hawaii. It was a real blessing to hear from you all through email, Facebook and texting. I send big hugs, aloha and blessings your way as well. {{{{HUGS}}}}

Now on to some craft news. I have decided to start posting only on 1 day every week. And since I live on the Aloha State, I figured post on Aloha Friday!! So here I am. I will share several projects on this day, and it'll be like a weekly newsletter, rather than a daily encounter. Making it easier on you, my readers, and those that like to comment and visit other blogs, this'll cut down the time that you visit with me, and allow you to spend more time visiting other blogs out there. I owe this idea to my buddy Curt, of Curt's World. Thanks Buddy!!!!

So here are the projects I have for today's Aloha Friday Post:

Here I have 2 of the types of Tea Boxes I created on the Design Studio for cutting on the Cricut Expression Machine. These boxes are available for purchase here.

I created this Gate Folded card for a friend who lost her dear sweet doggie. The image is from Whipper Snapper.
Here is the message I printed with my computer....

Here are 2 simple cards I created using a Stampin' Up! set I recently purchased. I was sharing with a friend of mines how easy it is to create a simple card. She's not into crafting (at least not yet!! hee hee hee!!!).

Before I end here, I wanted to let you all know that I have a LOT of Stampin' Up! Ink Pads and Refills up for bid on eBay. 41 Slightly Used Ink Pads (3 are still sealed in wrap), and 27 NEW Refills (4 lightly used, but MORE than half filled). Starting bid @ $0.99. More Items To Be Posted. Click on the photo below to view and post YOUR bid, if you are interested in adopting this LOT of Ink Pads and Refills.

That's it!! God Bless n' Be Safe and Enjoy your weekend!!



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