February 5, 2011

Family Share Saturday!

Saturday's will be our "Family Share Day" with all of you. Ali n' I will share a little something about our family... it may just be me, or just Ali, or the both of us. Either way, it's our day that'll be an "off" day from our weekly themes, so we can rejuvenate and get ready for the next theme of the week.

Today I have a picture of this white cat to share with you. It has been roaming our yard, and as I was just about ready to take a pic of of while walking, it sat down and looked straight at me, through my window. It looks like a well fed cat, and such a pretty white one too . Looks like it found the perfect spot to take a photo, huh?

I hope you are all having a great day with family or friends. Today we have a party to head to. My hubby just returned from a business trip, but he is sick now. Poor thing. Please keep him in prayer. Big Hugs, Jen

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