January 24, 2011

Wood Mounted Stamps

Hey Gang! Thank you all on your feedback, remarks and suggestions on my stamps being re-organized. I had a few wooden ones, and because I ran out of cling foam, I've decided to try and keep these in the smaller Ziploc bags, label them by category and then store them all in a container, until I can get them on cling foam. This was about 3 drawers full of stamps on wood, and now they all fit in 1 container. In the mean time, if I would ever need to use them, I will simply use double stick tape, and adhere it to my acrylic block for a quick use. I have 1 more 3 drawer filled bin of stamps to do... after that, I am hoping that I will be back on the creating train. Have a blessed week, everyone!!!

Sorry, I know that this pains some of you that love your stamps on wood. I just have soooo much, and am a collector of stamps ((which means I have a hard time parting with them)), and in order for me to keep my HUGE collection, I must be able to store them SMALL.

Big Hugs... Jen

Stuffs About Today:
  • Serving Lunch then Errands to run... also craving some Oxtail soup for lunch, but will probably end up eating some leftovers from last night's dinner!!
  • 3rd week on Zumba... woo hooo!! I don't notice any difference in weight, but I am drinking a whole lot more water than I did 3 weeks ago! Praise God!!

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