January 21, 2011

ReOrganizing My Rubber Stamps

Hey Gang!!! Sorry I haven't been posting regularly this week. My girlriend, Ali n' I got together last week, and I was about to create a birthday card, when I found that I was looking in 1 oo many folders for a birthday image and sentiment that I could use. I had already stored all my stamps in binders, and thought that it was the most convenient way for me, until I decided to categorize the stamps. I already had them categorized in sections of "Animals", "Sentiments", "Humans"... but I wanted to go even deeper. So that I did.

I got them all out of the binders, and reorganized the whole thing. I completely got rid of the binders, and cut off about 1/4" of the panel boards, so that they could fit nicely into a sheet protector. I was then able to write the category of stamps on the side of the sheet protector, and then store them in a basket that I purchased from WalMart. I was able to fill 2 baskets with all my stamps, and I still have some wood mounted ones that I need to unmount, and then will store them another way. I am excited that I was able to cut my storage space down even more than it was before. I also got rid of some of the stamps that I've never used, or don't look like I'll ever be using. I haven't decided on what to do with them, just yet. I've got them all in a basket, and have to think about if I'll be selling them, or just going to give them away.

Any suggestions??

Well, now that most of my stamps are organized, I hope I will have some time to create something cute! It's Friday, so perfecting timing, right?? I'll go get busy now!!!

Have a blessed n' sa-weet Aloha Friday!!
Hugs... Jen

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