January 28, 2011

January 2011 Nails....

I got my newest nail designs on..... here's how they turned out:

and my toesies got a treat too....

Yep... I getting them ready to really get down n' create. Coming up.... I am planning on having "themes" per week, and u can join in on creating with us (Ali n' I). Starting next week, we will be featuring the theme of "Birthday" creations throughout the week. Then the following, "Valentines", then so forth n' so forth. I will post a theme list for you to following along, and you can even post your creations along with us if you'd like to do that.

So be sure to be back for that, huh??

Today (Thursday) is Starbuck's Mommies day. Myself and a bunch of mommies are heading out for a morning coffee date to one of the Starbuck's and going to kick back n' relax. Pics will be posted soon!!! Tah-Tah!!!

Hugs, Jen

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