January 28, 2011

Cy's 6th Birthday Celebration @ School

My little boy turned 6 back in December. Man, time flies!! We baked some cupcakes for his classmates, and made goodie bags for them as well. Here are the yummy cupcakes we baked, Cy was such a big helper in the kitchen. He frosted those babies up and had a great time doing so.... we used the candied letter decor to each cupcake, to spell out "Happy Birthday". Cy was enjoying every moment of it...

After baking the cupcakes, he got to taste test of them to make sure they were perfect... he LOVED it!!! We also added chocolate sprinkles, and they were ready to be served at school the next day.

For the goodie bags to his classmates (and 1 for him of course), I made bookmarks, printed them on my computer, personalized them with each of his classmates names, and then laminated them. I also made some luggage tags to go along with the Thomas the Tank Engine theme. It's funny because when my older son was Cy's age, he never really cared for Thomas the TE. But Cy on the other hand, LOVES him!! Toooo Cute!!!

Here are the projects I created for the goodies bags....

a pic with his classmates during lunch... we got them each a McDonald's chicken mcnugget happy meal for lunch...

Then to Chuck E. Cheese after school...

I have more pics on my Facebook... so be sure to stop on by and check it out, if you want to. Have an awesome weekend in the Lord!!!

Big Hugs,

Today's Bible Verse:
"Yours, O Lord is the greatness and the power and the glory and the majesty and the splendor, for everything in heaven and earth is yours." ~ 1 Chronicles 29:11 ~

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