December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!! Oh I so hope and pray that you all have a blessed and safe New Year celebration. This year (2010) is the LAST year that we, the people of the State of Hawaii will be able to pop fireworks. Next year, fireworks will be illegal here, and ringing in the New Year just won't be the same anymore.... it'll be quiet compared to what I've experienced the last 20+ years of my life. I'm pretty sure that there will be a lot of people firing it up this year, just because they won't be able to do it next year. I will be hiding away from the mess of smoke, and keeping my doggies out of the madness. I hope you stay out of the mess as well, if you are here in the State. Regardless, have fun and ring in the New Year by 1st seeking what the Lord has planned for you in 2011!!!

As for my blogging, it's been awhile, hasn't it?? Yes! I am having withdrawals, and missing my "diary" here in Blog Land. Since the ending of November, there has been SOOOOO much going on!! Oh gosh!! From my SIL, Karen, visiting for 2-Short Days at the beginning of the month, to Cy's Christmas Play performance... I want to fill you in with these things, so I hope you bare with me, and journey along with me, as I "catch you up" with what's been going on here, in our household.

SO, the last time I actually wrote a blog posting, was the Stampin' Up! Holiday Retreat that Barb and I attended back in November. Also in November, I attended a Change of Charge event for my girlfriend's hubby, Capt. Miguel San Pedro (Claudie of Islander Girl Stampin'). It was the 1st ever Change of Charge event that I have attended. I had no idea what was going to happen at this event, and what to expect. ;o/ Derrrr.... But when I realized what it was, I felt so blessed and honored for Claudie to request MY presence at this event!! Thank You Sistarella for inviting me!! Here are the pictures we took that day....

Captain San Pedro is in the middle...
"Gentlemen, There is an Officer on Deck!!" (sorry, I couldn't help myself.... )

Da Crazy Sistahs, Luvin' on Claudie cause were all gonna miss her:
J.W., Kimmie, ManLe, Les, Claudie n' Moi

Claudie wondering what the future holds for her... seek, and ye shall find!!! ;o)

Me: "Hmmmm, Let Me See....No worry, girl, I'll help you figure it out" (to Claudie re: her her future)

J.W. says, "Wasssup Sweet Mama, Wanna Sip of My Drink??"

Well, Claudie n' Captain San Pedro are well off and settled (well not really settled) at their new secret location. We wish them well, and pray for the best for their journey(s) together. I miss my Claudie girl in the flesh, but with the help of email, face book and video chat, she's just a button away!! Looking forward to seeing her when she comes back for a visit though. Claudie has had such a bad experience here in the island, and just when she thought she couldn't turn to friends of her own, the Lord opened doors for her (as He says He would, if you turn to HIM. Doors that no man can close!!), and actually revealed to her the true meaning of friendship, along with a fresh new love for HIM. Upon her departure, I said to her, "Remember, the Lord does things for a reason, and HIS plans are always what's best for us, whether we like it or not at that moment, it is HIS plans, and He knows what's best for us".... and with a nod, smile and a BIG Hug, she tells me that she totally agrees!!


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