November 8, 2010

Retreat: Our Dinner @ Sansei

Oh Alright... you've waited LONG enough... I know you are just dying to see what went on this weekend at the Holiday Retreat. Well, first, on Friday, my hubby was sweet enough get off of work early, to fetch the kids, so that Barb and I could leave a little earlier to go to dinner at Sansei's. Sansei's is a sushi restaurant located in Waikiki, at the same hotel that our Holiday Retreat was held at. It was Barb's 1st time eating there, and I wasn't sure if she was going to like it, but I was please to know that she really LOVED it. Here are pics of our delicious meal. Special thanks to God for allowing us to attend this retreat together.

Soft Shell Crab:

Sorry, we ate this before I took a pic, it was a Lobster/Crab Ravioli...
This one too... hahahaaaaa, ate most of it before taking a pic, this one was a Panko Ahi Roll...

Seared Ahi Salad:

My FAVORITE!!!! Shrimp Dynamite... I could go there just to eat THIS!:
My plate... hahaha....
Shrimp Tempura Roll:
Barb's dessert: Apple Ala Mode:

My dessert - Fried Ice Cream (for the record, I thought Barb's dessert tasted better!).
We had dinner reservations @ 5:30 pm., and was able to jump in on their "early bird" special, so we got 20% off of our meal! The environment was great, except there was a kid on the next table coughing, and I kept thinking about how I SO didn't want to get sick again. >0< Everytime that kid coughed, I tried to hold my breath. LOL!!! Other than that, it was terrific! The company of Barb's friendship was especially the best. I can't wait to do that with MORE girlfriends!! We ate n' ate n' ate, and was FINALLY out of there by 7:15 pm to attend the retreat by 7:30 pm. Tooo fun... more pics to come!


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