November 8, 2010

Prayer Request

Yooo Hoooo... what a way to start the week, with Prayer Requests. I usually have a page for prayer requests, I think an updated request on Mondays would be helpful.

I need your prayers.. pls pray for my girlfriend, and her hubby who are currently going through strains in their marriage. Please pray that they seek wisdom and strength through God. They are a SAVED couple, and the Lord just wants to hear our cry outs for help on this marriage... please pray!!

Infact, while you're at it, please pray for ALL of our marriages!! During these last days on Earth, life is going to become extremely difficult whether it be in our marriages, our families, our financial, or our economy, just everything is going to start feeling as though there is strain one way or another. That is the evil of Satan, and he wants to get some kinda wedge between you and me and everyone else that we have in contact with. And if we allow him to succeed, the wedge goes deeper, and the strain gets wider.

Seek HIS face, and call on HIS name!!

"Be still and know that I am God" ~ Psalm 46:10

Have an awesome week in the Lord!!

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