October 30, 2010

Simply Sweet Pastor Appreciation Cards

It is Pastor Appreciation Month... did you know that? I didn't, but my hubby told me that it is. Yes, I admit, he pays attention to things more than I do at times. he even remembers my girlfriend's birthdays (sometimes), but of course, with the help of FaceBook! LOL... cheater!

Well, this month we wanted to show our Pastors how much we appreciated them. I made them a real simple card. Something that wouldn't be too overbearing or too cute, something that just gets to the point! I also bought them a loaf of bread each from Great Harvest Bread Company. OH MY WORD... their bread is soooo delish!!

Ok, so we just got home from having Cy get his vaccination for the flu this school year. It really didn't go that bad, he screamed really loud, and kept trying to talk the nurse into NOT giving him the shot, and within 10 seconds, it was all over. But all in all, he took it like any 5 yr old would. LOL!!

Tree image from Stampin' Up! #113252 - Thoughts & Prayers
Sentiment: Stampin' Up!

Today is the 1st day that I am officially starting on the projects for my craft fair coming up on the 13th. Wooo Hooo!! I better get off of this computer, and get to work. I must use my time wisely, so that I can still create to post here, right? Tonight we have the Family Fun Night to attend. The kids are excited!! I am too! So, I'll see ya all back tomorrow.


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