October 25, 2010

Happy Mail Monday!

Can't believe Monday is here. Mondays are hard for me. Always so much to clean up around the house since we're so busy crazy on the weekends. But it is all for the Lord, so I love it!!! Today I have some Happy Mail to share. I'm trying to post my Happy Mail as soon as I receive them, or at least sooner than I usually do. So here's what I got:

Stepeni of My Idea Box won my "CAC Monthly Challenge" in August. In the package of winnings was this Anthony & Burt stamp which she used to create this card for me. Thank You, Stepeni for your sweet note and cute card creation! Your coloring is fantastic and I was so thrilled to receive it!!

When I got home from running errands this past week, I was tickled to find in our secret hiding spot, a goodie from Michelle of Mushi's Creative Inspirations. She stopped by my house and dropped off this lil' treat box for me. What a sweet surprise to receive, huh?? It's darling, it's such a neat drawer thing, and all the yummies that were within it? Gosh, she spoils me! Thanks Sweetie!

Oh, before I go, must post the latest design on my nails. The girl that takes care of me is Lena, and you can find her at Pearl Highlands Shopping Center, at Queen Nails. I saw a photo of nails at Ala Moana, took a picture of it on my cell phone, and showed her the design I wanted. She did pretty good at making it look like it. She even gave me matching toes... tee hee....

Well, I haven't completed all the tasks that I wanted to do today. I hope I have more time tomorrow. Lord willing, I will be able to get to do the things that I must!


Stuffs About Today:
  • Pork Adobo for Dinner
  • It was a rainy and cool day... love the rain
  • Swap for November is still OPEN! Click Here to sign up!!

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