October 4, 2010

Aloha Fun RAK - October Sign Up **OPEN**

Hi Blog! It's already October, and time for another Aloha Fun RAK sign up!! Woooo Hoooo!! The year is going by so quickly, I can't believe how fast that it is going, and October is here already!! First off, before I begin to let everyone know what the theme is for the month of October, I'd like to do a lil' toot toot of myself. Remember I created a card for Tiddly Inks to try for a spot on her web store? Well guess what?? My card was chosen!! I was so thrilled when Christy told me that she had chosen my card, I was really stoked and just so blessed that she had chosen the card that I created. What a blessing, huh?? Here is a screen shot of Tiddly Ink's Store featuring my card sample on the 1st page - you can also click the image to go there live:

Ok, with that being said, I can now tell ya what the theme is for October's Aloha Fun RAK. The theme is to create anything "Tiddly Inks". Now wait a minute... I know you're thinking, "Ya mean I have to buy a Tiddly Ink image, Jen? What is this, some kinda advertising scam??"... my answer is simply, "NO!". My girlfriend, Christy, the owner of Tiddly Inks, creates a Tiddly Inks freebie once a week, and you can use any of these to create your October Aloha Fun RAK creation (if you haven't already fallen in love with them, and purchased a bunch like me!!!). The catch to this is that in order for you to get your freebie(s), you just need to sign up for the Tiddly Inks Paper Craft Planet Group, and you will receive notifications when Christy posts a new freebie - I bet if you went there now, you'll see a freebie that you can download. Otherwise, if you love Christy's work, you can easily access all of her other images on her site, and the BEST thing, is that there is always an ONGOING 20% off discount. Unbelievable!! She's got 100's of selections, and they are just toooo darn cute, I love cute, and I know you do too, and I am sure there is something for each and every one of us out there.

Ok, so now that you know that the theme is for the month of October, now to sign up. Comment here and let me know if you are in. If you are not sure about the Aloha RAK, simply click on the banner above, and you will be taken to the page where I give you all the details of this fun monthly swap thing. Deadline is Friday, October 8th, 2010.

Sign Ups So Far:
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